Vacation Tails

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Vacation Tails

I could have sworn she was about my age.

I'm 23 now, making me a dedicated observer of girl's asses and legs for the last eight years or so. I can detect the slightly-too-slender look of a hot little piece of jailbait, or the subtle signs of impending cellulite that brand most older women.

So as I walked along the beach perhaps 30 feet behind the bikini-clad brunette, I never would have guessed she was old enough to be my mom.

It was about 8:30 on a sticky, windless July evening in Myrtle Beach. I was staying for a few days in an oceanfront condo with a couple of frat brothers who had just left to go clubbing for the night. I had drunk far too much the night before and the thought of another round made my stomach roll, so I took a raincheck.

I threw on a pair of trunks and a T-shirt and headed for the beach, with the vague thought of swimming until dark. But as I was crossing the wooden bridge that protected the dunes, I saw her strikingly sexy profile. She was straight ahead of me and strolling in the direction of a distant fishing pier.

I didn't make a conscious decision to follow her. But as I approached the lapping waves I made a right turn on the flat, wet sand and matched her languid pace.

This was some girl. She was tall and slender, probably about five-eight and 130 pounds. The salmon-colored sun was just beginning to touch the horizon opposite the surf. It bronzed her smooth skin and set fire to the ends of her dark curly hair.

She was graced with a delicious heart-shaped /ass/thick-ass/">thick ass hugged by a dark purple bikini bottom. This ass was perfect, shimmering just slightly with each step she took, and gracefully leading to a pair of long, toned legs.

I lingered several times to pick up random shells, not wanting her to think I was a stalker. She never looked back at me, but females have some innate sense about those things.

As she occasionally glanced toward the Atlantic or politely spoke to approaching walkers, I got only a fleeting glimpse of her profile. That led my mind's eye to fill in the blanks. It of course created a face of matchless beauty with striking brown eyes, full lips and the petite, slightly upturned nose of a cover model. I gave her firm breasts of about 36B, suitably sized for her athletic form.

I was so lost in my hormone-fueled musings that I didn't realize my cock had sprung to life. It was quite often a challenge to keep the damn thing down -- or at least hidden. I was just trying to adjust my partial erection when the woman who had caused it squealed in pain and collapsed on the sand.

I paused in /surprise/">surprise for only a second, then sprinted to her aid. I reached her side just as she was sitting up and saying, ”Fucking rednecks!”

”Who? What happened?” I asked as I knelt beside her.

”Some asshole broke a beer bottle,” she muttered as she looked around for additional pieces of shattered glass. I saw that one shard was embedded in the arch of her left foot. It was roughly the size and shape of a guitar pick, and blood was already oozing around it. How convenient! I am a med student in podiatry school.

”Shit, that has to hurt,” I said stupidly. ”Are you okay?”

”I will be,” the girl answered through gritted teeth as she looked up at me for the /first-time/">first time. Her face was etched with pain, but still very pretty and oddly similar to the way I imagined it. I also realized she was no girl. This was definitely a mature woman, probably in her mid to late 30s.

”Gotta get this thing out,” she muttered. I watched silently as she pulled the brown glass from her foot, groaning with pain but not shedding a tear. The moment she removed it, blood began flowing more freely. I knew she needed to cover and protect the wound but there was nothing in sight that would serve as a bandage. So I quickly pulled off my shirt, and wrapped and tied it around her foot.

”Thank you so much...” she told me with expectant eyes.

”Kevin,” I answered.

”Lileth,” she replied. ”Thanks again, Kevin. Can you help me up?”

I circled around her so she could favor her left leg when she stood. I draped her arm over my shoulder, gripped her narrow waist and lifted her to her feet.

”You're light as a feather,” I told her.

”Lucky you,” she answered with a crooked smile. ”I can't put any weight on this foot, so you're going to have to help me back to the house.” I noticed it wasn't a question. Nodding ahead of us, she explained that she was heading that direction, and was probably only five minutes from her destination.

”Five minutes walking, but fifteen hobbling,” I reminded her, and we began making our way down the beach.

I maneuvered a bit farther from ocean waves, not wanting her makeshift bandage to get wet. ”We can't get your blood in the water,” I jokingly warned her. ”The sharks would have a feeding frenzy.”

”I worry more about the sharks than can swim on the land,” she answered with a smile.

”Can't you feel them circling, honey?” I replied, and we both laughed at our shared reference to the Jimmy Buffet song.

As the mood lightened, we swapped stories about what brought us to the beach. Lileth was staying with her younger sister, Beth, who had a house two blocks off the ocean. Beth's husband had just walked out on her, and Lileth planned to spend the next few weeks doing whatever she could to help and comfort.

”Not sure I'm really the best person to offer advice,” she admitted. ”I'm twice divorced.”

”Really? How old are you?” I asked reflexively, forgetting that's the worst question to ask any woman.

”Forty-four,” she revealed without hesitation.

”Wow,” I said softly, and she raised her eyebrows at me. ”I mean, wow, you look great. When I first saw you, I thought you were as young as me.”

”Not likely. I've got a /daughter/">daughter your age. You're what -- about 20?”

”Close enough. Twenty-three.”

I found myself admiring this woman for the way she'd retained her youthful appearance. Surely a combination of hard work and good genes.

With her arm over my shoulders, I was free to look down upon her stunning body. The first thing I noticed was her tits, partly because my face was only inches from them. They were larger than I expected, probably a large C-cup and maybe approaching a D. I quickly decided they were enhanced with implants. As Lileth and I hobbled together along the beach, they shook less than they should for their size.

I love the look and feel of natural tits, but had never gotten my hands on a pair of fake ones. I wondered how Lileth's felt... what her nipples looked like... how her /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs moved full hd xvideo download when she was getting fucked.

I quickly tried to dismiss these thoughts because my cock had swollen again. There was no way I could free up a hand to adjust my bulging trunks, so I desperately hoped this woman wouldn't notice. She'd probably slap me across the face and limp off to her sister's house, willing to cringe with pain in order to escape the pervert.

Despite my best efforts, my prick was determined to keep raging. But Lileth and I maintained easy conversation as if we were longtime friends in a cafe. I was actually disappointed when we turned off the beach in the rapidly fading light and headed across two streets to the house her sister owned.

Lileth told me Beth was a paid EMT with a local rescue squad and was working her shift until midnight. When we reached the front door, Lileth withdrew her arm and leaned against the house. With no trace of embarrassment, she reached into the right cup of her bikini top and pulled out a single key. She shrugged and handed it to me.

”It's warm,” I said with a smile, then unlocked and opened the door.

I helped Lileth through the short front hallway and guided her across the tile floor to the living room couch. I helped her get positioned so her damaged foot was elevated on the armrest. Even with her wounded condition I couldn't ignore how hot she looked stretched out on the sofa.

I reached for a nearby lamp and flipped it on. Knowing we'd need something brighter to examine her injury, I turned to ask her the best wall switch to use. That's when I caught her sneaking a look at the erection in my trunks that I'd forgotten about. Lileth looked quickly away, but the free porn movies download seed had already taken root in my mind.

Pretending I hadn't noticed, I walked over and sat on the floor in front of her, unwrapped her left foot and examined the cut. It was free of glass and the bleeding had slowed considerably.

”Bandages in the bathroom?” I inquired. She nodded, and I lifted her foot to prop it back up. As I did so, I slid my hands along her calf and up to her knee. The move was automatic and not intended to be a sexual advance. I was almost afraid to look up at her, expecting a rebuke for my unwanted contact. But when our eyes met, hers had a distinct sparkle and the corners of her mouth turned up slightly.

”I, uh... I'll be right back,” I muttered, and headed off to retrieve the first aid supplies. I returned with bandages, antiseptic, and a bowl of warm water to wash her foot. Without a word I took it in my hand and guided it into the makeshift bath, gently cleaning away the sand and dried-up blood.

”You have an excellent bedside manner, /doctor/">doctor,” Lileth said softly.

”I'm doing my best not to hurt you,” I told her. 

”You're not. Your hands are very skilled.”

The blood was pumping now -- not in her foot, but in my cock and in my tightening chest. I wondered if something would really happen between us. I knew I'd never see this woman again, so I had to take advantage of any opening she gave me. ”That's good to hear. I know my future patients will be in good hands.”

I repositioned myself so I was below her feet, with a view of her wounded sole, spectacular body and pretty face. I cleaned the cut and bandaged it, working as slowly as possible and allowing my touches to linger.

”You're all set,” I announced, then lifted her foot and gave it a kiss.

”Thank you Doctor Kevin,” she replied. ”But... I don't think that last procedure is medically necessary.”

”Neither is this one,” I said, deciding to go for it. I began running my hands up her sleek lower leg, massaging her calf and marveling at the warmth and smoothness of her skin.

”Maybe not necessary,” she purred, ”but definitely welcomed.”

Emboldened, I draped her left heel over my right shoulder, placing myself squarely between her long legs. I continued massaging her calves and slowly worked my way up to her tanned and toned thighs.

”That feels soooo nice, Kevin,” Lileth sighed. Her eyes were closed as she breathed deeply. Her nipples were easily visible through the thin cloth of her bikini top, and I felt goose bumps rise beneath my fingers.

I was rubbing and massaging both legs now, and began planting kisses in a path that would clearly lead between her thighs. As my lips brushed their way past her left knee, Lileth laced her fingers in my hair. I looked up to see her gazing back at me, an unmistakable hunger in her eyes. She was alternately rubbing and squeezing both breasts with her other hand.

I kissed my way up her inner left thigh, smiling to myself as she parted her legs for me. Her outer labia were clearly outlined in her purple bikini bottom, and a small spot of moisture had formed in the center. My lips arrived at the place where skin and cloth met and I lingered there, kissing and licking her soft flesh. I could clearly smell her arousal, making me even hungrier for the taste of her pussy.

But I pulled away, moving instead to the lower part of her right thigh and beginning a second trail of kisses and quick licks. I registered the tastes of tanning oil and sea salt. 

”God, I love the feeling of your lips on me,” Lileth groaned. ”You're driving me crazy.” She was not alone. My cock was absolutely raging now, and it strained uncomfortably against the mesh lining in my swim trunks.

I glanced up again to see her using both hands on her bare tits. She had unclasped the front of her top, which lay limply off her shoulders. As she pinched and twisted her dusky pink nipples, I could tell that her breasts stood up proudly.

I continued using my lips and tongue on her inner thigh, and slid my hands beneath her to wrap them around both legs. But as I did so, she lifted her ass from the cushions, clearly inviting me to remove her bikini bottoms. So I swiftly hooked my thumbs on the sides and pulled them all the way off. Lileth lifted and straightened her legs to help, then dropped them back to the sofa and allowed them to fall open before me.

Settling back between her thighs, I gazed at a beautiful wet snatch just inches from my face. She had an inch-wide strip of trimmed dark hair above it, but her thick puffy labia were completely shaved.