Kiaras Pleasure

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Kiaras Pleasure

She was pinned against the bed, his strong hands and grip pushing on her shoulders, as he positioned himself between her legs, she was out of breath and staring up into the dark trying to porn videos download see what he was going to do to her next. She seemed to be at his mercy.

She felt the warm hot sting, as the head of his cock started to push into her, the deeper he pushed the more she could feel herself stretch to accommodate to his thickness and length. After a few slow but forceful thrusts into her, he began to pick up the pace, thrusting harder into her, her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy coating his cock in juices, making it easy for him to ravage her, every thrust of his cock ran across her g-spot and caused an uncontrolled moan from her while she thrusted her hips up and locked her legs around him, gripping onto his back with her hands in sheer pleasure, after several minutes, she felt flushed and from the sounds of him she could tell he was soon about to cum. She opened her eyes, looked up into the darkness to see the face of the man who was fucking her, she felt him lose control.......

Her eyes shot open, she was hyperventilating and in a sweat, she could hear nothing but the sound of the fan in her room that wasnt providing any cool air on her body that she had noticed yet since waking up. She reached down and slid a couple fingers between the thin fabric of her /underwear/">underwear. Soaking. "Fuck.." she whispered in the darkness as she threw her legs over the side of the bed to head towards the bathroom. She looked at the clock, it was only 4am, she still had a couple hours to go before she had to go to work.

After coming out of the bathroom, she slid back into bed, finally feeling the fan on her soft skin. She laid there replaying that dream over and over in her mind, it felt so real. Why did she have to wake up before being able to see who it was? After having a conversation in her head, she fell back to sleep, only to be startled by the sound of her alarm clock which felt like 2 minutes later, but really had been a couple hours.

Kiara was 23. She worked as a secretary for some office downtown which was over populated with men who did nothing but eyeball her when they walked by. She was a beautiful girl though, Long brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, a nice figure, and just the right amount of tan that gave her a some what light caramel complexion. She was a /girl/mature-girl/">mature girl for her age, she had been kicked out of her home by her /mom/">mom when she was 16 because her mothers new boyfriend was always trying to touch her sexually, and her mother didnt want to believe it and told her it was all lies and if she couldnt get along with him then she should get out. She managed to stay in school, and attend a university, she worked hard to pay for it, get good grades and hopefully make something of herself with a high paying company. With no luck in the great company offers, she basically took the job she could get, which is how she ended up where she is now.

She slid on her skirt and tank top and matching sweater and looked at herself in the mirror before she collected what she needed to take to the car and drive to work. she sighed a heavy sigh. "Okay Kiara, another day, you can get through this, youve made it this far". Her usual morning speech.

While she drove, she couldnt help but think about that dream again. See, with as busy as Kiara was, she was still a virgin at 23. She had tried to have boyfriends through university, but they soon lost an interest in her, because she wasnt the /party/">party, easy type, and was always lost in her own studies. Those kinds of guys never felt right to her and she was never able to just let go with them. Parking her car, she went in. She could feel the eyes staring at her the moment she walked in. She quickly hurried past them and took her spot behind the desk, to get ready to start her day. She felt the presence of someone behind her shortly after and then head a voice. "Hello, beautiful...". She went to turn towards him but he had already kneeled down beside her chair somewhat behind the desk. It was James, 36, shaved /blonde/">blonde hair, blue eyes, and the type of body that was all man but not ridiculously muscled out. Kiara was actually startled by him and wasnt even able to whisper out a hello to him before he had slid his soft yet strong hand onto her thigh without permission and moved it up close. She quickly shoved his hand off her thigh and he just smiled that coy smile of his and said "You seem a bit disgruntled this morning, are you alright?" she managed to squeak out a yes, Im fine, then explained that she just didnt sleep well last night. He nodded and then got up, leaned down and whispered in her ear "I would like for you to come to my office today at 2pm, we need to have a talk". She just nodded and he left.

what could he of wanted to talk to her about? She was now very nervous and having a hard time concentrating on her work. Time seemed to crawl, but 2pm came, she put up a break sign and headed to James office on the third floor. His office was in the back of the
building in a pretty quiet area, mostly because the surrounding offices were still being renovated and no one was using them yet. She knocked on the door and she heard his voice say "its open". She opened the door and stepped inside. "Close the door behind you please, and lock it" After doing so, he told her to take a seat and he got up from his chair and sat on the corner of his desk and stared down at her. She was nervous but couldnt help but be captivated by the blueness of his eyes. "so tell me..." he paused. "what is bothering you this morning, and tell me the truth, because i want to do what i can so it does not effect your work". She was now scrambling her mind to think of some half assed reason she could tell him, but nothing was coming, and her silence only made him press into her more about it. "Kiara, i want to know.." realizing she had no choice but to tell him the real reason, she began.She told him the dream that kept her awake last night, and that it was no big deal, that she was just tired. She thought that would be all she needed to do, and that she could get up and leave and go back to work but then he asked.. "Does your boyfriend not satisfy you enough Kiara?".. she stuttered a bit and then told him she had no boyfriend and that she never has. James seemed intrigued by this, she looked up at James in her shame, and noticed that he had a hard on in his pants now.

She blushed while shyly asking if she was okay to leave now.. at first he said yes, but as she started to walk to the door, she felt his grip on her shoulders as he spun her around so that she was facing him, he pulled her head up so that her lips met with his and the warm wet tongue that also made its way into her mouth. She wanted to resist, she really did but her body didnt move. breaking the kiss, he picked her up and sat her on his desk. "Undo your skirt".. he said, softly yet demanding.She didnt know what else to do, so she just did what she was told. He grabbed it and slide it off her body, placing his fingers on the outside of her underwear, she was red in the face, blushing, not sure if she should do something to him, or try and leave before something more happens, but while she was thinking about what to do, he slid two fingers behind her underwear and lightly traced them over her clit, which sent jolts through her body, before sliding them up inside her now very damp pussy, he pushed her shirt up and unhooked her bra, leaving her now almost naked on his desk, he leaned down and sucked on her right nipple, gently yet hungrily. Every suck, caused his fingers to push into her deeply and she was now soaking his fingers in her juices.

She closed her eyes, letting out low gasping moans, her face flushed, James then stepped back from her and took his tongue and traced it over the outer lips of her pussy, She had never experience /oral/oral-sex/">oral sex before either and was surprised at the new yet addicting sensation his tongue brought to her. He took his fingers, and spread her lips apart, and flicked his tongue over her clit, the sensations from his tongue made her body jolt and shake, he enjoyed watching her like this so he continued. He licked and sucked on her clit back and forth, until finally her body just couldnt take anymore and she came so strongly that she had to grip onto the desk to stop herself from falling off it.

Out of breath she slowly opened her eyes, after the intensity passed through her, she scanned the room for James and found him already with his pants down and stroking his now rock /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock through his boxers. She wasnt sure what she should be doing now, and hoped he would soon do or say something, and it didnt take long for her wish to come true, because he motioned for her to get off the desk and come stand by him. She slid off and walked towards him and he pulled her mouth to his yet again and kissed her. His outer lips were still wet from where his face had been shoved in her pussy when he ate her. After breaking the kiss he finally slid his boxers down and his 7 inch cock pointed directly at her.

"Get on your knees.. I want to feel my cock in that pretty little mouth of yours..." He used his hands to push her down and she then took her right hand and held it firmly as she slid the head of his cock into her mouth. James placed his hand on the back of her head and began to use it to guide her head back and forth on his cock, each time pushing her to take more of him in each time. After several strokes in her mouth, he finally had her deep throating his cock, the saliva was dripping from her mouth and from his cock and hitting the floor between them.

He started getting a little dirtier with her and as he started to thrust his hips towards her in motion with her mouth he said "Do you like sucking that hard cock? Look up at me and tell me you love to suck me off.." Her big brown eyes then looked up at him and she nodded her head, unable to really speak because her mouth was full. That was enough to almost send him over the edge, so he stopped and pulled his cock from her mouth, staring down at her he said.. "Ive been wanting to do this for months.." backing her up against the small sofa in his office, normally used for clients when waiting, he spread her legs apart and got between them, his swelled cock head resting right on the outside of her pussy, he took his cock and rubbed it up and down her slit, hitting her clit each time and then finally after 4-5 strokes, he pushed the head of his cock, into what could of been probably the tightest /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole he had ever felt.

The burning sensation she felt in her dream suddenly ripped through her body, she winced from it but at the same time, she wanted more, she wanted him to push more deeply into her, she wanted to feel all 7 inches of him inside of her. He gripped the sofa behind her, and used it to pull himself into her deeper, he pushed himself all the way in, until his hips stopped him from going any deeper. He paused enjoying the feeling of the wet /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole and then pulled himself out and pushed back in, after a few long strokes she began to welcome the feeling of his cock, moaning with every push, his cock hitting her tender gspot. Her hymen broken and now just a memory, she gripped onto his body, silently begging for more. He picked up the pace, pounding her, his balls slapping against her skin, Kiara, hyperventilating and trying not to be too loud. He could feel the tingle in his balls and was starting to slow down xxx a bit. She stared up at him and before she knew it, she said "Please dont stop.. More, fuck me more.. god i want it..."

Pulling all the way out of her, he quickly made her turn around on the couch and sit on all fours. her ass sticking up in the air at him and all you could see was the perfect spread and a great view of that beautiful bald pussy she had. He lined the cock head up with her again and pushed himself inside of her, she moaned deeply and he then gave her what she begged for, pounding in and out of her as fast as his hips would let him, gripping her hips and driving her towards his thrusts, the tingle returned and he knew he was going to cum, she looked back at him over her shoulder and gasped out "Im about to cum!" and as she said it, she did, and as she let out her pleasuring moans and cries, he came inside of her, his hard cock mixing his cum and her cum together, coating his cock, making him shoot two or three loads into her.

He pulled out his now semi flaccid cock from her oozing pussy and turned her over. Kiara was out of breath but could feel it starting to drip between her legs and between the crack of her ass. James picked up her clothes and then handed them to her. He got dressed himself and after they were done, he smiled that coy smile yet again and said "You better get back to your desk, its been a very long 10 min..". Kiara just nodded, lost for words about what just happened and then opened and closed the door behind her to James office. As she walked back to her desk, she wondered to herself if he would ever do that to her again once more...