Dying of Thirst

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Dying of Thirst

This story is based on personal experience combined with a shade of fantasy. All comments and feedback, both positive and negative, are welcome. Thanks!

We walked into the house and Mrs. Jensen was standing by the light green kitchen counter, reading the latest article of Romantic Homes. She smiled broadly when we entered.

?Hi boys,? she said. ?Back already??

?Hey Mom,? Drew said absentmindedly.

?Hi Mrs. Jensen,? I replied.

?Wow Michael, look at you,? said Mrs. Jensen. ?You?ve grown up into quite a handsome young man haven?t you?? As she spoke, she ran her finger against the strap of her sleeveless green halter-top. Her top didn?t show a lot of cleavage, but when combined with her tight low rise navy blue jeans, revealed a good amount of midriff and back. It was almost typical mother attire, but she took the outfit to a whole new dimension. Mrs. Jensen was the type of older woman who had mastered how to dress sexy without looking slutty.

?Thanks Mrs. J,? I said. ?Been, uh, working out with the team.?

?Well it shows,? she smiled.

?Geez, Mom,? Drew said. ?Can you stop it? You?re embarrassing me.?

?What?? she said coyly. ?The girls must be all over you, aren?t they?? She leaned forward and put her arms on the counter as she spoke, which accentuated her ample bosoms beneath her clothing.

?Mom!? Drew said exasperatedly.

?Uh, I wish,? I chuckled nervously. I tried not to look at her chest, so I turned my head. Out of the corner of my eye, Mrs. Jensen?s lips curled into an almost devious grin. Before she could say any more, Drew spoke up.

?That?s it,? he said. ?We?re leaving.?

?Oh don?t be like that, Drew. I?m just having a little fun with Michael. You don?t mind, do you Michael??

?Um, no ma?am,? I replied feebly. Could it just be my imagination, but the way she said my name was so sultry.

?Whatever,? Drew said as he rolled his eyes. ?C?mon,? he muttered.

?Bye boys,? she laughed softly.

We went down to the basement, which was our crash pad.

?Sorry about that, man.? Drew said.

?Uh yea,? I coughed. Drew was my fellow teammate on the football team and my /friend/best-friend/">best friend since we were just kids. There was no way I would tell him about my attraction for his mother.

Part of it has to do with the /taboo/">taboo. Since I hang out with Drew all the time, I see her on a regular basis and she isn?t afraid to show that she is by far the best looking mom in our suburban neighborhood. Mrs. Jensen says she works so hard to fight the effects of age so that she can wear the clothes that accentuate the curves of her body.

But it was more than that. Even though she was older than the girls that society deems attractive, Mrs. Jensen carried herself with a degree of confidence that was very sexy and her eyes gleamed with teenage mischief.

?Yeah,? I said to myself. ?She?s just messing around. I?m deluding myself.? Although Drew?s mom was clearly flirting with me, there was no way she could actually be into me, at least, not the way I was into her. Why would a sexy, poised, mature woman like Mrs. Jensen be into a teenager like me? To avoid getting my hopes up, I pushed the whole event out of my mind, although that was very difficult to do. I blame the hormones.


?Hey I?m thirsty,? I said. We had been playing video games for about an hour.

?Got some soda in the fridge,? Drew replied. ?Grab me one while you?re at it.?

I walked upstairs and turned into the kitchen when I saw Mrs. Jensen standing by the kitchen counter, with her back towards me. She had changed into a green bikini, which left little to the imagination. Her attire emphasized her thin waist and very curvy butt. She had a wonderful body.

?Enjoying the view?? she asked suddenly without turning around.

?Uh, just getting something to drink,? I said as I quickly made my way to the fridge. Before I could get there, she moved to the fridge first and I found getting a scantily clothed full frontal view of Mrs. Jensen. We were standing less than a foot from each other and I could smell the enchanting scent of vanilla.

?So how long have you been standing there?? she asked with a broad grin on her face.

?Not long,? I lied as I forced myself to look her in the eye. She had a wicked smile that made her seem a lot more like a naughty school girl.

Desperate to relieve the awkwardness, I said, ?Your outfit looks really stylish, Mrs. J. It brings out your eyes.? I didn?t have the guts to compliment her eyes earlier so I decided to do it now, but it sounded so much like a cliché.

?Well thank you, Michael,? she smiled convincingly. ?To be honest, I?ve always been a fan of your eyes as well, all dark and forbidden.?

?Oh really,? I said.

?You know, when I was younger, I had the hugest crush on this really hot /asian/asian-guy/">asian guy at my office. Unfortunately, during those days, people weren?t too keen on the aspect of interracial dating. Plus, he was so out of my league,? she said.

?I find it hard for anyone to be out of your league, ma?am,? I said.

?You?re a smooth one aren?t you??

I laughed nervously. Her tone wasn?t accusatory, but playful. I snuck another glance at her breasts, but quickly looked away. My actions were not lost on her.

?So what do you think?? she said.

?Think of what?? I asked.

?Don?t play dumb with me, young man. I?ve seen you staring at my body for ages.?

I hesitated as she stared at me, waiting for an answer. She was seriously asking me how physically attractive I found her. This could only end poorly. She would probably be offended by my lewd thoughts of her.

?Mrs. J, I think you have a rockin? bod.? It all just started spilling out. ?You?ve got great curves in all of the right places. Great butt, and those breasts,? I said hurriedly.

Her eyes widened in disbelief. My frankness caught her off guard. A drop of sweat began to form on my forehead as I thought she was offended that someone young enough to be her son would be so direct and honest about her physical attractiveness. Instead of anger, however, a hint of lust leapt across Mrs. Jensen?s face.

She deftly unhooked her bikini bra and let it fall to the ground. My jaw dropped. The objects of my fantasy were now bare and shown right in front of my own two eyes.

?What do you think??

Mental blocks were forming in my brain. I struggled to find the correct words to describe them. They were not huge but seemed to be the right balance between size and perkiness, which gave the appearance of defying gravity. They were beautiful.

?They?re?amazing, ma?am,? I finally said. ?Just amazing.?

?Feel them,? she whispered.

Sweat began forming on my palm. The tips of my toes tingled with a tremble of trepidation. I must admit, I was nervous. I had been with girls before, so I wasn?t a complete novice. Being a member of the football team had its perks and sexual opportunities with the cheerleaders presented themselves on a regular basis, but Mrs. Jensen made me feel like a little school kid, getting caught spying on the neighborhood girl changing clothes.

?Come on. Don?t be shy now,? she said with an encouraging yet mischievous smile.

My rough calloused right hand lightly cupped her round breast which was surprisingly firm for its size, squeezing it gently. The softness and smoothness of her skin showed that she took care of her body. My fingers kneaded her pointed nipples.

?Oh that?s it,? she sighed as she closed her eyes. ?It?s been so long since someone has touched me like this.?

My warm sweaty palm pressed against her smooth cool breast, which caused my erection to bulge against my brown pants. Mrs. Jensen opened her eyes and looked at me for a moment before her gaze wandered down to my crotch area, which had sprouted a sizable tent.

?Oh,? she said in a tone of /surprise/">surprise. She stared at my concealed erection and my arousal and unease grew with each tormenting second.

?Show me,? she hissed.

?Uh excuse me?? I said.

?Show me,? she repeated. She was looking at me with an intense fire that I had never seen in her eyes before. She made me feel so out of place, yet so free and exciting.

I dropped my shorts and out popped my cock, which was growing bigger and harder by the second. Mrs. Jensen was raptly staring at my pulsing manhood and couldn?t seem to look away.

?Wow that?s big,? she said breathlessly.

There we were, both half naked in my best friend?s kitchen, me with my cock proudly sticking out and her with her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts right in front of me. I was just starting to feel awkward when Mrs. Jensen ran the tip of her fingers across the skin of my manhood, which jumped at her touch. The corners of her mouth twitched as she reached out to tentatively place her left hand on my shaft.

?Look at how thick it is,? she said. ?I can?t even wrap my fingers around your big /asian/asian-cock/">asian cock.?

My mind was racing in order to keep up with the recent turn of events. Mrs. Jensen was the mother of my best friend who I?ve known for more than a decade, yet was also the woman of my most forbidden fantasies. I tried to say something but no words came out. She didn?t notice. She was too focused on my shaft.

Mrs. Jensen?s cool slim fingers felt torturous around my searing cock. Her hand went down, pulling my foreskin back as her grip began to tighten which produced an amazing sensation. The spring breeze felt cool against my now exposed head. My cock grew more engorged as her tender left hand continued to drive me /crazy/">crazy. She looked at me with her mouth slightly agape as I stared into her lovely green eyes. She was enjoying this as much as I was. Then she licked her lips.

Finally, my brain found my vocal cords.

?Mrs. Jensen, please, we can?t do this. You?re my best friend?s mother. What if he walks in right now??

?Oh Drew never comes up when he?s playing his video games, you know that. Besides, I?m a mature enough woman to know what I want, and you?re an adult as well. You can decide what you want to do.? She moved in and delicately kissed my ear, whispering, ?But I know you want this.?

Before I could protest another word, she did something that had previously only existed in my wildest imaginations. She slid to her knees, eyes never leaving me until my throbbing cock was inches from her face. I was frozen in a combination of anticipation, anxiety, and excitement. Her warm breath on my cock caused my erection to twitch.

?Ooh, someone?s eager now eh?? she said. Her fingers grabbed the top part of my shaft to pull the foreskin back. To my surprise, she closed her eyes and deeply inhaled the musky scent of my cock, and sighed. A tiny unease flickered beneath my ribcage. Some girls dislike the /raw/">raw smell of the penis, but shockingly Mrs. J did not.

?Mmmm,? she exhaled contently. ?This is the smell of a man.? She then lifted up and kissed my cock from the base of my shaft to the bottom of the glans to the top of the head. I was almost at the point of no return so I had to object now.

?Mrs. J, I just think that - ? I began to say.

Before I could utter another word, she had taken half of the length of my manhood into her welcoming mouth. My knees buckled a bit at the sensation of feeling the wetness of my best friend?s mother?s mouth on my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. I had to lean against the kitchen counter to steady myself. Her lips were wrapped tightly around my base as her tongue licked the underside of my shaft. Mrs. Jensen?s head began to bob up and down, using her lips to keep the same amount of pressure throughout.

The sight of her light skinned face stuffed full of my musky bronze cock was very /sensual/">sensual. My trimmed pitch black pubic hair contrasted deeply with her luscious light brown hair. The warmth of her tongue felt exquisite against the head of my alain lyle porn cock. Mrs. Jensen licked the head around and around while lightly running her soft tongue across the slit of my penis.

Mrs. Jensen?s lips finally loosened and she tilted her head back, releasing my now pre-cum and saliva covered prick. A rope of drool ran from the corner of her mouth to the mushroom head of my cock, which lingered in the air for just a split moment. With my cock still in her hand, she playfully slapped it a few times on her pink tongue while looking at me with those shameless green eyes.

?You like it when I smack your /asian/thick-asian/">thick asian cock on my tongue?? she asked teasingly.

?Urh,? I groaned, my brain unable to form an actual sentence in response.

?What if I smack it against my breasts?? she said as I watched my cock bounce on top of those amazing melons.

?Oh Mrs. Jensen,? I moaned.

At the mention of her name, my cock found itself inside the pleasant confines of her mouth once again. She inched more and more of my throbbing penis into her as she parted her lips to accommodate my girth.

The sight of her voluptuous breasts bouncing back and forth while she went up and down on my cock was so erotic that I reached down to grab them and rubbed them in my hands. She purred around my cock.

I was in heaven. The sight of my best friend?s mother?s lips around my cock was bliss. She would go all the way down, or as far down as she could, and then leisurely come back up, taking my entire cock out of her mouth and making a sexy popping sound. This was no teenage girl giving head. This was a MILF who knew how to suck a cock.

The pressure in my loins was growing at an unprecedented rate. My heart rate was climbing and my breath sounded shallow and coarse as my legs instinctively began to ready themselves.

?Are you gonna cum?? she asked as she took my turgid cock out of her mouth and stroked it lovingly. ?Are you going to cum for me?? she inquired in a sexy pant.

?Uhhh,? I moaned stupidly. My mind was no longer working right and I couldn?t form a coherent sentence. I looked down at Mrs. Jensen and her lustful face drove me over the edge.

The first stream of cum exploded out of the eye of my engorged cock and landed on her forehead and the bridge of her nose. The second spurt blasted her cheeks and into her open and waiting mouth. The rest of my cum pelted her chin and neck.

Mrs. Jensen never even flinched. She merely continued to kneel there, stroking my indian santali xvideo cock until I was completely spent. The last remnants of my cum slowly dripped down from her chin and landed on her white breasts.

Mrs. Jensen wiped her cheekbones and licked her middle finger as I saw my cum on her tongue for just a split second before she swallowed.

?Hm? she said. She was clearly enjoying the scene as much as I was. ?That was fun,? she smiled. She had a proud, satisfied look on her semen-stained face. ?You lasted for quite a while.?

She got up from her knees and proceeded to the kitchen window. She observed her own reflection and saw how much of my semen was dumped on her face.

?You?ve got quite the load, haven?t you, young man,? she said. ?If you had told me you had all that pent up sexual frustration, I would have done this a long time ago. God knows I wanted to?? she whispered huskily.

?Wow,? I just said. ?Wow.?

?Did you like that??

?Yes ma?am. Very much so.?

Mrs. Jensen chuckled. ?What, haven?t you ever cum in a girl?s mouth before??

I shook my head. The girls that I had been with were all too inexperienced and tentative to try anything too sexually adventurous. She nodded gratifyingly. ?If you play your cards right, there might be more where that came from,? Mrs. Jensen winked, ?and then you?ll perform even better on the football field.?

At the mention of football, the old feelings of guilt hit me like a tackle from a linebacker. What if Drew had walked in this very second and discovered what had just happened, his mother on her knees, with her face completely covered, her lips still glistening with my cum? We were the best of friends, so the fact that I just had sex with his mom was weighing heavily on my conscience.

?Don?t worry about Drew,? she said. She could see the internal moral dilemma raging inside me. ?What he doesn?t know won?t hurt him.?

?Mrs. Jensen,? I implored. ?you?re my best friend?s mother. This is a huge betrayal of trust.?

?How could something that feels so right be wrong?? Mrs. Jensen said as she leaned in closer. ?I?ve watched you grow up and I must say, Michael, that you have turned out to be a very fine and handsome young gentleman.?

I could smell the combination of semen and vanilla. Her head tilted a few degrees to the right. Her lips parted an inch.

?What?s going on with that soda?! I?m dying of thirst down here!?

Startled, our heads whipped in the direction of the sound. The heavy footsteps sounded like thunder in my mind. My heartbeat thudded against my eardrums. Drew was coming up the stairs.

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