MILs first anal

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
MILs first anal

Not much has changed in my relationship with my MIL. We still have make love to each other several times a month, but she never seems to amaze me. The sex is great and she really knows how to use her body to please her lover.

Just when I thought things could not get any better she dropped another bombshell on me. We were just laying in bed together, she was stroking my cock and I was enjoying a mouth full of tit, when she told me a story that happened when she was married to my father in law. He asked her on several occasions if she would let him screw her in the ass. She said she thought his dick was just too big and never let him try, but she always wondered what it would have been like to have a dick in her ass. Then she said since I had always been so good to her if I wanted it I could have her anal cherry .

Oh man, I almost busted a nut right then or choked on her nipple. Here was this beautiful, classy woman offering to let me screw her in the ass, I think I said OK before I thought about it. She said she didn't really know how to go about it except to roll over and let me have at her.

I told her we needed to go slow and she needs to be relaxed. So to help her relax I slid on down and started to lick and finger her pussy. As she started to get into it, I pulled a juicy finger from her cunt and eased it into her /asshole/">asshole. At first she resisted (natural reflex) but then she gave in and my finger slid right in. After a few minutes I inserted another, and then began to slowly pump them in and out .I asked her if she was OK with this and let me know if she wanted more. She said it felt strange but exciting blowjob porn videos at the same time. Then wanted to know if more meant my dick. I told her no and that I had another /surprise/">surprise for her, and to roll onto her belly.

I grabbed a tube of good ol' KY and really lubed her ass then grabbed a /vibrator/">vibrator lubed it real good and slowly inserted it in her butt. Again she complained at first since it was stretching her but hushed after she relaxed. Once I got it in I twisted the bottom and turned it on. She went /crazy/">crazy!! She began to orgasm almost immediately, her contractions almost forced it out.

Finally after about 45 min. of prep it was time for the main course. I rolled her back over, let her lube my cock. Then I lifted her ass and positioned her over my dick eased her down until my cock head was touching her asshole, and told her to take it as she wanted. She started slow but then just seem to freefall onto it. Slowly I started to pump her as I played with her clit. AS she got closer to another orgasm her pace got faster. Man she felt sooo good, she was tight and going milf porn videos so quick my balls were slapping her ass cheeks. Then she started to cum, she squirted thick gobs on my stomach and I thought her ass was going to pinch my cock off with each contraction. Right after she came I felt my balls stirring and the throbs of cum rushing up my cock and spraying into her ass.

After we recovered she said she was glad she had waited and wanted to keep this as a special part of our relationship, and she wanted to get her ass fucked at least once a month. Don't know what other surprises she has but will write when they happen.