Im Annie and I oriental and want to fuck my best friends guy

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Im Annie and I oriental and want to fuck my best friends guy

Hi my name is Ann, Im oriental, 18 years old, and I have a secret and I want, no make that, have to tell someone or Im going to go /crazy/">crazy. About 3 months ago my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Jane introduced me to her lover Larry. I have never had a man make love to me. After weeks of my complaining and Janes talking to me, she convinced me into having sex with her guy, Larry. He was 22 and extremely good looking with a really good build and extremely gentle and sexual touch. She had already talked to him about my problem and they were going to fix me up with a guy but they wanted to be sure I would be treated the way most girls and /women/">women want to be treated. Soft and gentle, especially if its their /first-time/">first time. 

Now the night we three were together, Larry made love to me while Jane watched. It was all agreed to ahead of time and when it happened it was nothing short of heaven for me. Now while I wasnt a virgin, I have never had a guy s cock in my /fucking/pussy-fucking/">pussy fucking me. I have fingered and used a vibrator on my pussy and didnt have my cherry any more. I have also sucked a few guys off when I really liked them. But, the wondering how it would be with a man doing him and hearing how good it was from all my friends, I decided I would finally do it! That night was so special and his method and touch drove me to orgasms I never knew I had in me. It was so good I even ate Janes pussy letting her /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth in a fit of passion and also as a special thank you to her. Letting Larry do me a number of times in a number of positions that night opened my world to a whole new and exciting life! Sex!! As you can guess, it was like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. And from then on my pussy tingled and leaked for more whenever I was with a guy. 

But that night was special. And from the way he made love to my body, I felt there might xxx sex video download free com be more to this night than just getting a guy to fuck my pussy for the first time. I know I drove Jane crazy with my complaining about not having sex and wondering how it would be to get filled up by a guy before I did it, but Im telling you Larry is an exceptional man. He was so much better than the boys I have been with since then. So heres my problem. Since that night, I have been with 5 or 6 other guys Im not sure, and every time Im doing it, all I can think about is Larry doing it to me. I cant get him out of my head. Its like hes haunting me! I can truly say I ache for him! I cant get him out of my brain and I masturbate almost every night thinking about him and his gentle and easy style of lovemaking. The problem is Jane is madly in love with him. And, my sexual needs and desires and my friendship pulls me with her. So I kept this inside until now. But what happened last Wednesday night around 6:30 PM is really bothering me. I need to tell someone and sop Im writing to this site!

Part 2

I was in the grocery store shopping and saw Larry. God he was so hot looking I was getting wet just looking at him. I followed him for a few minutes and then went up and said: "Hey!! Larry! How are you? God, I havent talked with you since the night I met you.." His smile melted my toes! He took me in his arms and hugged me tight and said: "Annie! Yea, its really good to see you too! How have you been? Right, it was the last time I saw you. But I think about you a lot, how you doing girl?" I smiled and said: "Oh OK I guess. Nothing special doing OK working and going to school." He said: "Yea, me too, working sucks! Jane doesnt know how good she has it still being in school. So whats knew anything good?" I said: "Na. Im dating a few guys here and there but no one special! Special like you Larry!" He smiled and said: "Well youre special to me too Annie. Hey lets go get out of here and go get something to eat or drink and talk." I couldnt say no if I wanted to and I didnt want to. I would have gone anywhere with him. 

We purchased what we both wanted, put the stuff in our cars and walked to the Crab Pot restaurant. We ordered and sat and talked for over an hour. He told me about what was going on in his life, work and Jane not much else. And then he told me something that floored me. He took my hands and held them in his hands and said: "You know Ann I was sure expecting you to call or come see me again. I really like being with you that night! It was really something special!! Dont you think so?" I sat there with my mouth open and Im sure a surprised as hell look on my face. He said: "Well I felt it was super special and was sure hoping you and I could have hooked up again." I said: "Well, well Larry, what about Jane? She is my best friend you know!" He said: "Yea, I know. And I really like Jane too but she isnt going to stay with me. Once she goes away to college and hooks up with some college guy Ill be dead meat. Plus like I said, you and I had something that night! I would have called you but I didnt want Jane to be hurt and I didnt know how you felt. I guess I should have taken the chance, hell, Im taking a chance here telling you this now. But, I have been thinking about you every night!" I felt my cheeks blushed because I was getting off every night thinking about him. I said: "Well this is a sticky situation isnt it? I was hoping to see you again too. 

It just felt like there was more to our evening than, well you know, breaking me in so to speak. I mean the way we did it with each other seemed to me that we were good for each other. He said; "Right thats exactly what I was thinking too!" Then he said: "Look Annie, Im going to take a chance here and ask you something and you tell me if Im out of line. Listen to what I have to say and if you feel to funny about it just say no and Ill understand and wont ask again. I promise." I was sitting up bending in so I could hear every word he was saying! I was hoping he was going to ask me to come over his place and make love to him again NOW! He said: "What would you say if I asked you over my place tonight. Or go out to dinner with me, or a movie. Just be with me Annie. You know, I mean if you come over, I want you to stay. Stay the entire night if you want too. If you want to just do dinner we can do that too! I just want to see you again!." You know what Im asking you dont you?" I blushed again because I was preying that he was going to ask me. I said: "Well what about Jane? Wont she be coming over tonight?" He said: "No shes going out of town for 3 days on some school trip. Look! If you dont feel right about this, just say no." I sat there looking at his face and thinking about what he just asked me. I could feel my pussy tingling. I asked him: "What time would you want me to be there?" He said: "Whenever you can! Look Annie theres no pressure here. 

I really want to see you but if you dont feel right then dont do it! Maybe if Jane and I become history we can get together. That is if youre not serious with anyone. /bad/">bad timing I guess. Forget I asked you! It was dumb on my part! Shes your best friend and everything." I said: "Well I didnt say no Larry! Maybe I could come over for dinner and stay for a little while. Maybe we could have dinner and talk. I dont know about all night!" He said: "You mean it? Great what do you like to eat for dinner?" I said: "/surprise/">surprise me. Im sure you can put something together." He said: 7PM come over around 7PM! This is great!" He bent in and gave me a easy but long kiss. I kissed him back! God I was soggy between my legs! I was leaking I was horny! And ready for fucking right now! He got up, aid: "7PM Saturday, you know where I live right?" I smiled and told him: "Yes I know, Ill see you Saturday!" 

We left and then I had second ideas about getting caught and hurting Jane if she found out!. Now you know my problem!! Tonight at 7PM Im going over to Larrys and I know and Im pretty sure he knows and completely sure you all know Im going to be and get fucked!! Theres no way I wont let him in my pants if I wear any! What if Jane finds out about it?

Part 3

The week just dragged by but finally Saturday came. I did you weekly apartment cleaning and around 5PM I took a really long bath and wash my pussy real good. I shaved under my arms and trimmed my pussy hair real close. And lastly I shave my legs and dress for my dinner with Larry. My hair is long and black like most oriental woman and hangs to the middle of my back. Its straight with little curl. I do have my mother body and my hair shines with color. Im small 5"1 and weight about 1051 I have /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts 32B and a small waist with a /ass/nice-ass/">nice ass. 

My hair is my best feature and with out any make up on, I look 14 maybe! I put on my red and blue sundress, medium heels and took a sweater with me just in case I got cold. Actually I looked pretty hot if I must say so myself. As I drove to dinner, yea right, dinner, I was still worried about getting caught and hurting Jane. But, my loins drove me on they were on fire for this man! I wonder what he was going to have for dinner? Yea right! You and I both know what he and I are going to have for dinner. So here I am driving to Larrys and having so many different feelings about it! I pulled up to his place and parked on the side of his building just incase someone was checking on Larry for Jane while she was gone. 

I went into the back and took the elevator up to the third floor. I rapped on his door and he opened it and stood there dressed in a polo shirt and jean shorts. God he looked was so dam hot! He took my hand and pulled me to him and kissed me gently! We walked into his living room and sat down. He said: "Im really glad you decided to come over Annie. Really, really glad! Here let me take your sweater and hang it up" I said: "Well Larry what could I do? I wanted to be with you but I also dont want to hurt my very best friend. So we have to be very careful here! " He said: "I know and we wont, well be super careful!" He pulled me up and held me, lowering his lips to my lips and then to my neck. As he kissed it, I had my arms around his neck and when I felt his tongue slip into my mouth I moaned and sucked on it! We held each other for a while until I said: "Oh Larry! Oh god baby! I have missed you so much!" We held and kissed again for a long time. When we broke he said: "Rum and cock right?" I smiled and told him: "Ill have what youre having tonight, Vodka on the ice. Right?" He laughed and said: "Right! Great Ill get us both one!" He made us our drinks and told me: "Believe it or not, dinner is ready, if you what to eat now." I told him I was starved. He said so was he. But we both knew it wasnt only for food. I smiled as my panties got wetter. 

He took my hand and we walked into his kitchen. We sat and ate. He just kept looking at me. Finally, I said: "What? What are you looking at?" He said: "You Ann! Im so glad youre here tonight! You look great like a model!! That dress and your dark hair make you look so beautiful! God, you are so pretty!" He bent over the table and kissed men. I put my tongue in his mouth this time and he sucked it gently. I was dripping now. I said: "I would like to use the ladys room and I got up and asked him to make me another drink while I was gone. The first one had made me a little dizzy since I hadnt had much to eat yet. I went into the bathroom and took care of business. I cleaned my self real good because I was sure his face would be between my sexxxx video ful hd thighs very soon! I wanted to smell good. I opened his cabinet and saw his shaving lotion and other guy stuff! I used a wash cloth to clean my pussy off and then took out my perfume and put two drops on it, one on each side. Then I felt I would put one on top between my pussy hair and stomach.

I also put a drop between my tities! When I came back into the room he had cleaned up most of the stuff and I told him I should do that since he cooked. He picked me up and at me on the island while he finished. He said: "Look youre my guest! Man you smell great! What do you have on?" I said: "Its call love and you cant buy it in the states. It comes from Japan, my cousin sent it to me for my birthday! Im glad you like it!" As I sat on the island in the kitchen he said: "Do you know what I would like to do with you on this island? " He move into me against my knees and stood there pushing against them wanting me to open them. We kissed and I felt his hands coming up the back of my dress. He licked my neck rubbed my neck and shoulders until I moaned! God he was so gentle! I asked: "So, what do you want to do with me on this little island?"